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  • Susan Prendeville

Antiques Roadshow

Mike and Susan in line at Antiques Roadshow.

Mike and I were thrilled when we received notice from Antiques Roadshow that we had won 2 tickets to Harrisburg, PA in a lottery. We have watched the show many times.

We brought a picture that had hung in my Grandmother's house. I found out that it is an original by an unknown artist, probably in France or Belgium, painted for sale to tourists in the 1940s worth $30-40. Interesting, I wonder where my Grandmother got it?

We also brought a metal Coke cooler from the 1950s in perfect condition in it's original box. The appraiser said that the cooler was worth between $600-800 and she acted like she thought it was cool but didn't want to put it on TV.

Mike and I spent the day waiting. We probably were in line for about 5 hours and spent a total of 5 minutes with the appraisers. We didn't get selected to be on TV and we aren't going to get rich. We had fun though! It was great to see what other people brought and to hear their stories.

A perfect activity for folks who haul junk for a living!

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