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  • Susan Prendeville

A hoarder?

There are houses that are filled to bursting, owned by a person some refer to as a hoarder. This is more common that you might think and very overwhelming when it comes time to move or sell a house. Mike often helps in these situations.

Families often hire Prendeville Disposal to bring dumpsters. Other families do not have the time or manpower to do the job themselves and they hire Mike and his men to clear out the house.

This Google Review was left by a customer who lives in another state and travels to

Livingston, NJ every month or so to work on clearing out a family members home.

"We have been using Prendeville Disposal for over one and a half years on a house clean-out project and have been extremely pleased with the reliability and cost effectiveness of the service we have received. The equipment is always in great condition and has been delivered prior to our arriving at the site as promised so there is no delay in starting the work. The equipment has been removed and replaced with very little notice which greatly enhances the continuity of the work at hand. Mr. Prendeville's knowledge of these clean-out projects and the type of work involved has been an invaluable information source when tackling the type of work we are dealing with. We HIGHLY recommend the use of Prendeville Disposal for all types of waste disposal needs."

~M. Cummins

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